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Connect with people and get to know the culture of Southern Italy firsthand!

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Apulia Slow Travel is a tour company run by passionate locals offering tailor-made tours for solo travelers, and small and medium-sized groups. We introduce visitors to Southern Italy – particularly the “heel” of the Italian boot, Puglia—in a friendly environment and in harmony with nature.


One Week Tour: Apulia!

Apulia Tours: one week Tor

We will make you fall in love with Puglia!

Through our week long itinerary you will discover and experience with locals the most attractive places of the region! Your accommodation will be right in the middle of the wonderful Itria-Valley. Together, we will see stunning landscapes, taste delicious authentic food, and enjoy a vast cultural and artistic heritage!

Furthermore you can also customize your tour by adding some daily tours or buying one of our special tour packages!

Apulia Day Tours

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Immerse yourself in the very heart of Puglia: the bucolic Itria-Valley!

Through our day tours itinerary we will discover together this timeless countryside sprinkled with trulli houses, the plain of the centenary olive trees, as well as the crystal blue waters of the Adriatic Sea. We will visit amazing towns, get to know the rich cultural, natural and gastronomic heritage of Puglia!

Private Tours

Apulia Private Tours

We give you what you need for a perfect holiday!

Ask for a tailor-made tour of Puglia. Have a look at our wide range of trips and activities across the region, choose the ones you like more and ask us for a customized private tour of Puglia!

By booking a private tour of Puglia you will enjoy a very special personalized service: a local private tour guide and driver will make you discover Puglia through local’s eyes! Your accommodation will be in the most enchanting part of Puglia, the Itria Valley! Together we will experience the region and indulge ourselves with the colors, tastes and scents of Puglia!

Interested in a daily tour in Puglia? Have a look at our daily tours, book and join us!

Easy tour

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We make Puglia easy for you!

By choosing Easy Tour you will get a first taste of this wonderful region! We will welcome you at the airport or train station, to reach the white gleaming town of Ostuni, one of the most beautiful towns in Southern Italy. Here we will enjoy a welcome dinner together and have a walking guided tour. Easy Tour also includes one of our beautiful accommodations, you can choose.Once in Puglia or before your trip starts you can customize your staying by adding one of our extra trip or activity. We have a wide range of possibilities to offer to make your Easy Puglia Tour become a holiday you won’t forget!

Slow Food Tour

Slow Food is active in preserving foods and the traditional techniques used to prepare foods. It also defends the biodiversity of cultivated and wild species.
Apulia Slow Travel embraces this philosophy by promoting a slow journey, which lets you indulge yourself in the colors, tastes, and scents of Apulian cuisine. We immerse you in the generous harvests of a luxurious countryside. We will take you to the most authentic places, and we will introduce you to Apulian restaurants selected by the Slow Food Movement.
We will take you to the most beautiful places in this region that offer tourists the marvelous charm of the art of nature and taste.

Apulia Walking Tours

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Apulia Walking Tours

Apulia is famous for its coastal towns, crystal clear sea and beautiful sandy beaches. But the region offers actually also a beautiful countryside, full of treasures, beautiful trekking areas, rural areas, bucolic countryside and natural reserve areas which are the best place where to enjoy hiking and walking tours that will let you fall in love with this region.

We offer different hiking trips that you can enjoy while in Puglia. Here below you can see some of the most requested ones and a possible walking one week itinerary of Puglia.


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