Masseria Grieco Ostuni Puglia

Trulli Masseria 

Area: Ostuni and the coast
City: Ostuni
Type: Hotel, Luxury House, Masseria

The wide spaces of the Masseria allow you to enjoy the tranquillity of the surrounding countryside and to admire its enchanting views of the gorgeous landscape. It is a perfect location to enjoy a special stay and host unique events.
The ancient body of the building is surrounded by arches, terraces and eight charming trulli reminiscent of the traditional Apulian architecture and frame the large square.


The façade of the two-storey farmhouse (masseria) with a grand entrance staircase welcomes its guests into a regal atmosphere. In addition to the original services of the facility, there are also additional details that are specially designed to fully enjoy a stay in the location in every season of the year, such as the stone oven that overlooks the external square and hosts moments of taste and fun.


Within the rural environment of the Masseria Country Resort hospitality enhances the identity and uniqueness of the Itria Valley. The recovery of authentic details, combined with the natural design of the interior furnishings, offers a stay experience embellished with the charm of the natural Apulian stone (known as Pietra Viva, a sort of limestone, as white as marble but as hard as flint).


The swimming pool available at the Masseria allows those who do not want to reach the sea to swim directly in its crystal-clear water under the hot sun of Apulia, while admiring the breathtaking view of the unspoiled surrounding countryside.


A glance from the terraces of the farmhouse is enough for the eye to get lost in a thick patch of Mediterranean vegetation, and you are immediately tempted to go and walk along those paths. Venturing on the 2 km path that runs in the neighbourhood of the farmhouse means getting involved in a sensory experience through the unmistakable scent of centuries-old holm oaks, oaks and downy oaks.

The Trulli Masseria

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