Lunch or dinner in a Slow Food Restaurant

Traditional food and cultural identity

The Slow Food movement was born in Italy in the ’80s. It has now become a widespread international movement in 130 countries that emphasizes the pleasure of food and slowness, educates people about the authentic taste of food, and safeguards traditional products and biodiversity. Slow Food counters agribusiness’s efforts to standardize the taste of food, defending the need to inform and educate the consumer and protecting the cultural identities linked to traditional food and wine productions. In particular, Slow Food is active in preserving foods and the traditional techniques used to prepare foods. It also defends the biodiversity of cultivated and wild species. Slow Food is also committed to protecting places that, because of their historical, artistic, or social value are part of a culture’s gastronomic heritage. Slow Food is dedicated to educating younger generations about the need to establish a correct relationship with food and to fostering careful tourism that respects the environment.

Apulia Slow Travel embraces this philosophy by promoting a slow journey, which lets you indulge yourself in the colors, tastes, and scents of Apulian cuisine. You will plunge into the generous harvests of a luxurious countryside.

We will take you to the most authentic places, and we will introduce you to the Apulian restaurants selected by the Slow Food Movement.

What our guests think of us…

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  •   To experience Apulia with Apulia Slow Travel is to experience life in the most beautiful way: slowly and deeply exploring the richness of the land, touching the face of history... read more

  •   Thank you for arranging our 3 days of tours. We had specific requests/itinerary and possibly a busier itinerary than many people would want but nothing was too much trouble. Michele... read more

  •   This was my third visit to Apulia region and all three times I used services of Apulia Slow Travel. Due to my obligations I can only find a few days... read more

  •   This was my third visit to Apulia region and all three times I used services of Apulia Slow Travel. Due to my obligations I can only find a few days... read more

    Ivana L
  •   We did an 8 day tour in July which totally exceeded our expectations. From the initial multiple communications about planning to tailor the trip to our interests, to the flawless... read more

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  •   I found it very exciting to tour all around Puglia, Bari and Alberobello. Michele and Emmanuele,they were our tour guides. They are always capable of explaining the history of he... read more

    Carlo T